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    Food Grade Conveyor Belts.
    We Export Conveyor Belts to the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia and other parts of the world.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

A steel cord conveyor belt is a type of heavy-duty conveyor belt used primarily in mining, construction, and other industries that require high strength and durability. The belt is made up of several layers of steel cords, which are tightly woven together to form a strong, flexible structure that can handle heavy loads and long distances. Steel cord conveyor belts are known for their exceptional tensile strength and resistance to impact, making them ideal for transporting heavy materials such as ore, gravel, and coal. They are also highly resistant to abrasion and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for outdoor applications.

A fabric conveyor belt is a versatile and widely used type of conveyor belt in various industries. It is constructed with multiple layers of fabric materials, such as polyester, nylon, or cotton, which are woven together to form a durable and flexible belt structure. Fabric conveyor belts are known for their excellent tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear. They are commonly used for transporting lightweight to medium-weight materials, including grains, packaged goods, and bulk materials. These belts offer a smooth and consistent surface for efficient material handling, and their flexibility allows them to navigate around curves and corners with ease. Fabric conveyor belts are preferred for their cost-effectiveness, reliability, and adaptability to various applications across industries like agriculture, mining, and logistics.

Fabric Conveyor Belts

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